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Working Families

November 1, 2012

My vote doesn’t matter this election. Unless you live in Ohio*, yours probably does not either. The next president of the United States will be decided in the same way whether or not I stay home on Tuesday.

But, I want my vote to count. I am a liberal and I want the next president to reflect my views. I want him** to support a woman’s right to choose; a fair wage for men, women, and minorities; marriage equality; emissions regulation; and a host of other vital progressive issues. That said, I don’t choose to vote for a third party candidate. While I believe Democrats are often too centrist, there is a clear difference between them and Republicans, and I can’t cast a vote that would help a Republican candidate, even by omission.

Fortunately, because I live in New York***, I can vote in a way that reflects my views and communicates my progressive stance to the candidate I vote for, without worrying that I am throwing my vote away to a candidate who has no realistic chance to win.

Fusion voting means that the same candidate appears under multiple parties on the New York ballot. On Tuesday I will vote for Barack Obama under the Working Families line. My vote will count for the president just as if I’d voted Democratic, but Mr. Obama will see that a progressive voted for him. Four years ago I was joined by 150,000 New Yorkers – not bad for a 10 year old party.

The Working Families Party reflects my values . They support raising the minimum wage, reducing carbon emissions, civil rights for the LGBT community, and a host of other progressive causes. If you live in New York, I strongly urge you to vote Working Families as well.

* Or maybe Virginia, Wisconsin  or Nevada. See the tipping point states on

** Not “her” this year. But soon.

* Fusion voting is permitted in other states as well, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, and Vermont. Several of those states have Working Families Parties of their own as well.


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