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Larps ready for you to run!  Supported by my Patreon project.

Remedia Amoris – Summer 2013
The Queen of Love has called together her courtiers to decide questions that shall decide the fate of Love in the world.  Will her guests sucumb to love themselves?  A five hour larp for ninteen players and two organizers.

All In – Winter 2014
A game of corporate power and influence will be held in Las Vegas this New Years.  Will your corp rise or fall from this struggle?  More importantly, what will happen to you?  A four hour larp for fourteen or fifteen players and one organizer.

Suprema Lex – Will be run at Origins 2014
Tribunal gathers, and the decisions you make there may decide the fate of covenants, start a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, or sink the hopes of a kingdom. The gathering is rife with mystical items, rare books, and the powerful raw magic of Vis; you could make your fortune here. Will your support your home and covenant, side with your magical house, or will you turn traitor to your allies?

Untitled Space Horror Larp
The ship is cold and dark.  Oxygen is running low.  Will anyone survive the ruin of the torchship Viraat?


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