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Everyday Heroes

A sourcebook for the Deleria roleplaying game.  Everyday Heroes deals with “just plain folk” showing how such folks can be the greatest heroes of any faerie tale.  The book features characters, settings, GM advice, story hooks and rules for urban fantasy tales.  Everyday Heroes includes… Traits for childern, seniors, normal folks and faeries. Over a dozen ready to run characters Tests, quests, allies and adversaries Two-dozen Legacies and Wyrds No Math character rules and More! Nominated for two Ennies, best writing and best supplement.

For King and Country

An adventure for the Godlike roleplaying game.  For King and Country focuses on a team of Talents from the British 3rd Division.  The 3rd was tasked with taking Sword Beach, the easternmost beachhead of the Normandy invasion, but it faces a counterattack from the German 21st Panzer Division.  The superpowered PCs must repel the attack and win through to Caen.  Winner of Arc Dream’s D-Day contest.


An introductory adventure for the Nobilis roleplaying game.  Suitable for demoing Nobilis at a con. Tested at Origins, GenCon, and by several other groups.  Available upon request.

Torn From Glory

A LARP for the Nobilis roleplaying game themed around Armistice Day (November 11th).  Run at Origins and by the Wellington NZ LARP group.  Available upon request.

Once More With Hobbits

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Lord of the Rings.  The musical!

Pyramid Magazine Science Articles

Several articles answering reader’s sci-fi themed science questions, like “what color would plants be on other worlds?”


Docent at the American Museum of Natural History

“Fossil explainer” in the dinosaur halls of AMNH.

Fossil Collection with Jack Horner

Part of a team that discovered a nearly complete Thescelosaurus, along with many other Late Cretaceous dinosaurs in Montana.

Game Design

All In

A LARP for 14 people set in the Shadowrun universe.  Corporations vie for supremacy and salarymen vie for promotions.

Remedia Amoris

A LARP for 19 people set in the Nobilis universe. The Queen of Love hosts a party, and Nobles are tempted by the one thing that is forbidden to them – Love.

Valde Bellum Incipit

A LARP for 20 people set in the Nobilis universe of 1914.  Nobilis meets Downton Abbey.

Independence Day

A LARP for 20 people set in the Nobilis universe and themed around July 4th.  Run at Origins.

New Year’s Day

A LARP for 15 people set in the Nobilis universe and themed around January 1st.  Run at Origins.

Carpe Noctem

A Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop roleplaying game set in modern New York City.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

A Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop roleplaying game set  in Ancient Rome.

Ultima Thule

An Ars Magica tabletop roleplaying game set in 13th century Europe and focusing on the Little Ice Age.


A yearly LARP project with about 15 players a year.  Previous games have been set in the Nobilis, InNomine, and Castle Falkenstein universes.

Mongols vs. The World

A cooperative / competitive board game for three or four players under development.

Drunken Monkey Knife Fight

A quick playing and competitive card game of betting, drinking, and fighting currently under development.

Hospital Information Management

Westchester Medical Center

An OnBase Medical Records Management Solution integrating with a dozen different hospital systems and an outsourced scanning partner.  Under development.

NYU Langone Medical Center

An OnBase Medical Records Management Solution integrating with Epic and ICIS as well as other hospital systems.

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